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Your purpose


find it

in inspire

Sundays at 10:00 AM

God renews / IChurch is with you

Welcome to IChurch! Our volunteers are here to support and pray for you

Join our IChurch family and discover how we can help you grow and find purpose in your life!

May God, being the center of your life, help you find your purpose, break the family chains,

and pour blessings on your path.

Are you willing to accept the challenge?


 What you’ll find in inspire church

  1. Inspirational and Transformative Messages: During our services, you will receive deep and relevant messages that challenge, guide and inspire you to live a fuller and more meaningful life

  2. Meaningful Collective Worship: Participate in moments of group worship, where the congregation unites in praise and worship.

  3. Child Care: We offer a specialized child care service, allowing you to participate in services with peace of mind while your children receive quality care, word of mouth and care.

  4. Youth Services: We have programs and services specifically designed for youth, offering them a space where they can grow spiritually and connect with their peers.


who are our pastors?

Click on the video to get to know them

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